Who do I call for emergencies?

To report an emergency please call the CaraCo office at 613-542-8400.

You can speak to one of our representatives between the hours of 8:30 am. to 4:00 pm. Monday to Friday. After hours and weekends our phone system will guide you with the appropriate contact information.

(Emergencies are items that if not attended to immediately may result in damage to your home or prevent you from using your home such as plumbing, heating, electricity and water penetration).

How do I report deficiencies?

CaraCo reserves the right to only accept deficiencies submitted in writing and in the format provided by Tarion Warranty.
Warranty deficiencies can be submitted by:

Mail: 234 Concession Street, Suite 101, Kingston, ON K7K 6W6
Fax: 613-544-9931
Email: [email protected]

During the first year of possession you will have two opportunities to report deficiencies. Within the first 30 days after possession you may submit a 30-Day Form listing new items discovered since taking possession and a Year-End form which may be submitted during the final 30 days of the first year of possession listing new or outstanding items.

For any two year warranty items you may submit a Second-Year form at any time during the second year of possession of your home.

Statutory Warranty forms are located in the rear of the Homeowner Information Package or on line at www.tarion.com

What is my postal code?

You can find your postal code on line at www.canadapost.ca or by phone at 1-866-607-6301

Where do I get my mail?

Contact Canada Post directly at 1-866-607-6301 for your key and location of the community mail box in your area.

My front/back door exterior outlet doesn't work?

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) has probably tripped. You can reset this by pressing the reset button on the front porch outlet.

I've lost power to my bedroom outlets?

Bedrooms are on an Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). The reset button is located on your electrical panel.

When will my driveway be paved?

Driveways are typically paved one year from installation between the months of June to October; however the Developer must have municipal curbs and sidewalks completed prior to the paving schedule.

When will I get my grass?

Final grading and sod work will commence in late spring. Soil conditions must have the opportunity to dry out from being saturated by winter precipitation and the homes perimeter backfill must be allowed to settle naturally to reduce the occurrence of future grading repairs.

Lawn sod is not available until sometime in May at which time it is produced with limited availability until later in the spring.

When do I get my tree?

Trees are installed by the land developer prior to the subdivision takeover by the Municipality. This is usually within a year of occupancy; however CaraCo has no control over the installation timing.

When can I build a fence?

We recommend you do not add fences, decks or pools or make alterations to your yard until grading has been completed and a grading certificate is received from the City.

Why is there moisture on my windows?

The moisture on the glass is condensation which occurs when excess humidity in the air releases onto cool surfaces. Homes built today are more energy efficient and air-tight. This results in less exchange with outside air which increases interior humidity. Proper air circulation will reduce the humidity levels in your home. Click here to learn more about controlling humidity in your home.

There are cracks in my concrete floor?

When the concrete dries and settles it shrinks and may crack. Cracks do not indicate a defect and generally do not require repairs.

I've noticed several nail pops and drywall cracks?

During the first year of construction, materials dry out and your home goes through a period of minor settlement and shrinkage. This often results in minor cracks in drywall or nail pops. CaraCo will address these items as a one time courtesy service if reported on the year-end warranty form. Repainting and refinishing is not included in this one time service.

How do I work the pass key Kwikset SmartKey?

During the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) our representative will demonstrate how to use the SmartKey lock. For future reference an instruction sheet is included in your Homeowner Information package.

How does my HRV system work?

A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) consists of 2 separate air handling systems – one that collects and removes stale indoor air; the other that draws in fresh air and distributes it throughout the home. Simply put it regulates air flow in the home. While supplying fresh air to the bedrooms and living areas, it removes stale air from the bathrooms and kitchen.

What is the CaraCo Standard Paint Colour?

Standard Paint Colours: Benjamin Moore (Standard 967) (Trim OC-118) Interior Paint is off-white walls finished in egg shell latex. Trim & doors are painted white, latex semi gloss.

Updated on June 28, 2021